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Pond online secure backup unlocks unlimited resources and our managed services monitor and maintain your local back up environment.

Powered by the Redstor PRO backup engine, our Duo-LC system gives you all the flexibility you used to get with tape backups, but without the hassle of changing tapes or storing them offsite.

Scalable and secure, Pond Duo-LC Backup automatically and securely backs up your company data to our private cloud, where it is fully replicated on a secondary site and safely stored.

Plus, Pond Duo-LC reduces the size of your back up, reducing data transfer and storage requirements and necessary speed of recovery – saving time. We offer complete cloud-integrated data protection.

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What we offer:


Backups can be scheduled to run as you see fit and stored in a highly secure UK data centre


Data encrypted: SSL for network and 256bit AES for storage – no security risk

Network transfers

Data transferred via TCP-IP-enabled network connection


Stored data easily accessible on demand with no extra costs


Backups held on disk short term before being archived, no extra hardware needed

Bit-Level Backup

Only changes to a file are copied, making the process fast


Files backed up as and when they are modified or added


Back up your Windows, Mac or Linux Servers and workstations

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